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Writing a Literature Review Like a Pro

Writing a Literature Review Like a Pro

How good can you write a literature review? First of all, it is not just about composing a list of literature and ensuring you have included every one of them in the set. It is more about creating a summary of that. So, consider this example:

  1. At a personal level, you must own different aspects of different characters in your literature. Is there a particular character that influenced you in your line of work?
  2. What is your favourite line from some of your favorite authors? It would be best if you can narrow down your research to this and point out their main points. It will be better if you can evaluate the influence of this author on the authors you were inspired by. It will also help you choose those authors who are other influences in your line of work.

What are some of the aspects that are related to literature review writing? These are:

  1. Analysis of sources
  2. Reviews text and understanding who wrote that text.
  3. Analyzing the main points of each source and how they affect the topic of that topic.
  4. Reviewing what is available on the topic of study and whether it is informative or not.
  5. List of key ideas of the text and understanding who crafted them. It must be a coherent list.

Writing a review has become very challenging for many students. Writing a review can be frustrating, but when you know what to include in your review, it becomes easy. This is because you understand what the study is about. You understand what your instructor wants to know.

As a college student, you already have an extensive knowledge of the subject matter. Therefore, to help you get that passion needed to write a high-quality review, here is a guideline of what to include. Ensure the review is an outline.

  1. Write the word count for the review. It is advisable to ensure you have double-spaced paper for maximum clarity. It will help you make it precise as opposed to composing the entire review in a single passage.
  2. The introduction –this is where you highlight your understanding of the topic. You must be very keen to make it attractive and catchy. Make a stand and make it attractive too.
  3. If you have any outside sources, understand how the writers use their knowledge to help their study. Try and link this to your writing. Therefore, show how literature changes how we think.
  4. The review is full of supporting statements. It means that you have to show other people’s point of view and show what other scholars have to say about the topic. This helps in the larger body of the review.
  5. The conclusion-here, you summarize your knowledge of the study. Again, make it effective and catchy. Tie all the main points together in a clear sentence.

If you followed all these guidelines, writing a perfect literature review is very simple. Nowadays, students usually face many assignments. These assignments must be well crafted and handled with precision. Your reviews will show if you have the ability to compose a good literature review and show how exceptional a scholar you are.

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