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What is a Literature Review?

Definition of a Literature Review

Literature review refers to a systematic analysis of available information for a specific issue. It’s usually a requirement in any scholarly activity in the academic field. And this also applies to individuals who are making social progress in a given area. 

The process of compiling all the sources is no easy and usually shows persistence on the part of the writer to try to find reliable information. A literature review gives an account of the emerging issues and current debates that are related to the topic. In scientific circles, the study is known as a theory review. The approach is suitable for establishing a hypothesis or direction while analyzing conflicting points.

Qualities of a Good Literature Review

Literature reviews usually include the following essential elements:

  • Analyzing existing information
  • Getting a broader perspective
  • Establishing theoretical frameworks
  • Identifying weak points
  • Coherent with previous studies
  • Summarizing and commenting

Indicators of a Well-Written Literature Review

To have the text of a literature review complete, the writer should cite every source they use; it should be the law in most cases. That way, the work will be precise and understandable. The following are the recommended guidelines to use:

Study Topic

This part makes it easy for any reader of your literature review to identify where you stand on the topic. You should start by listing a clear and detailed problem statement that will guide the reader. When creating your focus area, use phrases such as historical, epistemological, and ethical. 

Essential Keywords

To prove to the reader that you have put it all together, then it’s time to use the relevant keywords. The research methods that you have used should be noted down. That way, readers should easily find them when they are conducting their own investigation of the issues. The research findings should give a clear direction or theoretical framework.

Research Data Sources

These should be lists of credible papers regarding the topic. Research notes should be arranged alphabetically and decently so. This way, readers can research the study from the different sources. The best way to locate literature is to look up your acronyms to get further information. It’s also wise to study known issues related to the topic. 

Quality of Sources

The standard of sources used to support your writing depends on the style you have chosen. Hence it is crucial to choose the right sources. You can create a list of known specialists. That way, you can separate the critical pieces and include only the proper ones. Also, it would help if you sought out credible but recent research for your writing.


The bibliography must be accurate and valid. It should be relevant and precise to avoid any accusations of plagiarism. A bibliography will show the writer’s effectiveness in selecting credible information. 


Citations help readers understand the author’s process for citation. They also give your words weight in case you want to give credit. This is called referencing. The best way to do this is to quote the work of other authors.

The manual for writing a literature review should give tips on whether you made the right choice or not. Ensure the information is organized in a manner that makes it easy to understand and remember.  

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