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The typical mistakes in literature review

The typical mistakes in literature review

A good literature review will always include a summary of all the main data and show the relevance of the topic. However, in most cases, students tend to skip through the literature because they were sure that it will take more time to research for the information. If you are in this situation, you must realize that every time you skip something, you lose your time and should start marking the literature quickly, as described below:

  1. Marking the right sources

If you mark the wrong source, not only will you have to redo the work, but you might get a severe mistake as many students tend to do, which is marking and forgetting the relevant sources when marking.

  1. Taking a busy schedule

When marking a literature review, it is best if you are always engaged in writing. If you were writing to prepare your work, you might have written it at the wrong time; this would mean that you have too little time to write it. That would mean that you will not have achieved your writing objectives, which means you will not earn top scores.

  1. Focus on narrow themes

A literature review should be broad, thus you should only focus on data relevant to your own specialty. When you start a literature review, it’s best to start from a broad theme to narrow them down to specific themes for the literature review. If you write a literature review for theology, you will only focus on politics, or you will focus on culture related, for a theology literature review.

  1. Do not copy other people

Copy someone else’s work and add a few words, but do not plagiarize the content. It’s a serious offense, which will result in penalties if found out. It is recommended to change the term to a generic to avoid being flagged. A good literature review should refer to research work published before and after yours to avoid causing confusion.

  1. Avoid double work

Having more than one write a literature review task may seem like a personal choice, but that is wrong as it may cause unnecessary work, which will be time-consuming for you. The best way to handle this is by choosing one writer, and then having a list of all sources where your information should appear. When marking the work, include a reference list and a table of content if available.

  1. Presenting your work as if it is your dissertation

A literature review should not be written as if it is an extension of the dissertation. Once you complete the dissertation, you should write a review, and you will also present your work. If you only present it as an extension, you will risk getting a paper plagiarized, which is a severe academic offense.

If you are looking forward to impress your professor by presenting world-class literature reviews, then it would be best if you know how to develop a good literature review. What makes a good literature review?

  1. Have a keyword meaning

Ensure to include the key points in your review. If you use a vague term, your audience may not understand what is meant by the research. On the other hand, include the main ideas in the review.

In summary, when in a bind, take time and follow these tips to ensure you write a great literature review.

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