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Structure of a Research Paper Abstract

Structure of a Research Paper Abstract

Abstracts are basic written part in any research paper that explains the work, results and methods of research. It describes all that relates to the research, and gives a summary of all the results and the conclusions. Abstracts are brief, describing the issue briefly. It should be informative, and not even includes citations. Most instructors will assume that students know what to include in the abstract, but sometimes sometimes instructors will give the definition of what should appear, and sometimes students are required to fill this gap.

Abstracts can be written according to the two below structure.

Simple Abstract- beginners should write the abstract following the same format as any other paper. Use your title, summary of the content and the reference list.

Abstracts with the extra content- for the most part, when writing an abstract without extra data, it should be shorter and more precise. Exceptional examples are those with similar issues and extra content. In this case, it must include an abstract followed by a link to the full text.

References- that is, the person that wrote your abstract should include a reference list at the end, with the page number. Students do this as it helps in citation and saves them time. Always double-check your numbers with the book. You should carry out a second copy as you may have lost one, hence giving you more trouble looking up data.

Things to Include in an Abstract

The abstract needs to be short, descriptive and express the problem statement and explanation of the theme. It should have a hook as the main reason for writing the paper. Here is a list of some of the essential parts to include in an abstract.


It should contain your work, title, the problem statement and the key points. It should include a brief statement of the problem and show how you are solving it.

Literature Review

It is just a summary of previous works. Its sole purpose is to give you a clue as to what has already been done before and show what has not.


It describes the research and the methodology by summarizing everything that you have achieved.


It summarizes the results and explains why they are important and about the selected sample.


Its main purpose is to discuss your result, make comparisons and discuss the supporting data.

Summary of Abstract with Details

After the abstract, you need to highlight some of the key points and provide a clear description of your work. While doing this, make sure to include recent literature. So make sure to use recent sources, any books/ journals or web sources, that you used for your research work.

Afterward, divide the section into paragraphs, and explain each part of the main abstract. Please have an introduction, body and a conclusion.

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