Outline of the PPRS 2018 program

The 2015 PPRS Summit highlighted the fact that most countries are not paying enough attention to road infrastructure maintenance and pavement preservation issues, nor to the socio-economic impact of under-maintenance. Postponing maintenance and rehabilitation can only make it harder to keep existing damage in check, and places the financial burden on the next generation. The watchword was “It is time to act ".

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Spanish roads: the sector’s perspective FROM CURRENT UNCERTAINTIES TO A PROMISING FUTURE

Spain is a reference point with respect to the use of European funds dedicated to the improvement of road infrastructure. Nevertheless, the main challenges today are the optimisation of road maintenance, the modernisation and the adaptation of the road network to tomorrow’s mobility needs.

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Prominent achievement by NCPP: NCPP16 Nashville


In October 2016, over 700 people from around the world attended NPPC16 in Nashville, Tennessee.  The theme of the conference was “Continuing the Drive for Change”.  Attendees represented highway agencies, contractors, suppliers, consultants, and academia.

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Promoting Pavement Preservation Through Education in PPRS 2018

The need to educate the public and elected officials on the benefits of preservation has been, and continues to be, vitally important.  The cost of constructing each of our respective road networks was enormous, but the public tends to take for granted the social and economic benefits that are made possible through these road networks.  If we fail to maintain the investments that were initially made, many of the benefits the public receives will be jeopardized.

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Enhance Your Professional Development at PPRS Nice 2018

Although it is true that electronic technology has brought people throughout the world together, nothing beats a face to face conference with preservation practitioners and professionals. The Pavement Preservation and Recycling Summit (PPRS) to be held in Nice, France, is an opportunity to meet subject matter experts and hear speakers provide information on the latest technologies, relevant research, best practice perspectives, and the impacts of public policy. A big take away from the Summit will be learning how to develop marketing and public relation content that address funding needs for pavement preservation.

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Held in February 2015 in Paris, the first Pavement Preservation and Recycling Summit (PPRS), which gathered more than 1000 participants, confirmed the need for better maintaining road infrastructure and urban networks in order to support the mobility of people and goods.

In fact, public and private stakeholders have already launched a variety of initiatives regarding governance strategies, financing, new contract models, as well as new and innovative techniques and materials.

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